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About Us


We are Giulia and Federica, we are sisters and we have in common passion for fashion, accessories and design.
Our brand ROCKYOURMIND was born from our desire to create an innovative type of jewelry,
that could communicate what style means for us: semplicity, attention to detail, sophistication.
We have chosen geometry to represente our jewels because geometric shapes totally symbolize
what ROCKYOURMIND woman should express: a woman rich of personality, that have the courage to be herself.
A bold accessory can encourage women to hazard more in fashion and life, to go towards their realization.
We wanted to create a brand that speak to women that want to intensify their personality with a different type of jewel,
that is characterized from the sophistecated and simple design.
A jewelry collection that all women could wear in every situation, because are perfect with all outfits and in all occasion.
ROCKYOURMIND pieces are totally handmade and made in Italy. We have chosen to use only silver 925,
precious material that reinforces our jewels’personality.
For our first collection we have been inspired by pure geometry: triangles, rhombuses, tidy lines, prism elements.
All our pieces are characterized from a characteristic texture,
a sort of handmade scratch that is able to give to every jewel shininess and sparkle.